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Daily Fishing Report
Log on for the latest fishing report. The fishing report is updated Monday through Friday.

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We have a glorious fall morning at the inlet. With blue skies, white fluffy clouds, cool temperatures and a good bite, it just doesn't get better at the inlet. Winds are blowing out of the West-Northwest at 2 mph, gusting to 3 and there is a light chop on the water. Winds will switch to the Southeast this afternoon.

We want to thank everyone for sending in their photos and fishing updates, we will get them posted soon. We have heard many stories of cooperation in the crowded conditions however, there have been complaints of unwanted fish and bait fish left lying on the jetty. Please return unwanted fish and leftover bait to the water, our resources are not unlimited. Place your trash in the trash cans; please respect the Park and your fellow angler! To report fishing violations call 888-404-FWCC.

We received an update from inlet regular Mike Ricciardi who fished the north jetty yesterday morning from 7:00 - 11:30. The water calmed down significantly and there were no waves crashing over the jetty for the first time in several weeks. Eight to ten Reds came over the rails, six were in the slot. Four or five Snook were landed, two were slot fish. Reds and Snook were hitting live shrimp, although Mike landed a 20" Red on mullet. The Jacks have practically disappeared but Spanish Mackerel have moved in to take their place and most are good sized fish. Mike said the mullet seem to be thinning out but greenies are plentiful. Thanks Mike!

Our first photo today features Bryan Sampson of Kissimmee. Bryan fished the north jetty last Tuesday with his brother Andrew and sister Misty. Misty was out of commission as her arm was in a sling but assisted in spotting and running. Andrew and Bryan were "on the net" constantly when not catching their own fish. Bryan and Andrew helped numerous anglers net their fish and we're sure they went home exhausted. Great work gentlemen! Bryan holds a multi-spotted Red that measured 26". He used mullet to land the slot Red. Bryan and Andrew also landed oversized Snook and Reds that day. Way to go Bryan!

Photo two features Bob Green of Vero Beach. Bob landed his 25" slot Red using mullet last Tuesday morning. Nice catch Bob!

Yukihoko Hatta of Melbourne holds a big Jack in our third photo. This big Jack pulled Yuki from the middle of the ocean side of the jetty, all the way around the tip to the middle of the inlet side! Yuki was using a lure. Way to go Yuki!

Orlando resident Edymar Pernandez landed his 19" Red using mullet in our fourth photo. Nice catch Edymar.

Send in your fishing updates and photos!

Bryan Sampson of Kissimmee with a 26" slot Red.

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We have a gorgeous fall morning at the inlet. Winds are blowing out of the North-Northwest at 4 mph, gusting to 8 and there is a light chop on the water.

Tommy Turowski at the Sebastian Inlet Bait and Tackle Shop reported a good bite over the weekend. Mullet are still running and there have been Snook, Reds, Jacks, a few Blues, Spanish Mackerel and a few good sized Flounder coming over the rails. Trout have been active in the river and off the beach, which is not common but not unheard of either. Tarpon are rolling in the surf as well. Thanks Tommy!

Last Tuesday was quite a day for fishing off the north jetty, all of today's photos were taken then. Our first photo features Stephen Frey of Cocoa Beach with a big 43" C/R Red he landed early in the morning hours. Stephen said the Redfish bite was good in the early hours. The big guy was released unharmed to fight another day! Stephen landed a 23" slot Red later in the day. Nice going Stephen.

Photo two features Blake Reed of Cape Canaveral with a 26" slot Red he landed using mullet. Blake landed a 43.5" C/R Red early that morning and later in the day. The oversized Red was released safely. Very nice Blake!

Steve Decoulos of Atlantic Bait and Tackle poses with a 34" oversized Snook landed by Bryan Sampson of Kissimmee in our third photo. Bryan landed this big Snook but his net was needed to assist another angler. Bryan asked Steve to unhook the Snook and place him back into the water. Steve got this big Snook back into the water right after a quick photo. Nice team work and handling guys!

Photo four is of Ken White of Port St. Lucie. This Mackerel was one of two that came over the rails Tuesday morning. There were many, many cutoffs that morning. The Mackerel got hot later that day and we're sure Ken added more to his cooler!

Photo five is of Richard Gonzalez of Palm Bay. Richard landed his Spanish Mackerel using finger mullet after the bite turned on.

Please familiarize yourself with the FWC rules and regulations on the top right corner of this page. Know the slot sizes and bag limits of your catches!

Send in your fishing updates and photos!

Stephen Frye of Cocoa Beach with a 43" C/R Red.

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We have dark clouds over the inlet this morning. Winds are blowing out of the East-Northeast at 9 mph, gusting to 12 and there is a moderate chop around the jetties. The ICW has a light chop. There are no NOAA advisories this morning but always check prior to boating as conditions can change very quickly.

Today we are seeing many anglers in wet weather gear; not only due to clouds but yesterday waves were crashing over the jetties giving folks a nice, salty shower. We got an update from inlet regular Mike Ricciardi who reported that the fall mullet run is officially over. Everybody can stay home now! We did however manage to gather a lot of photos on Tuesday during the morning and afternoon fishing frenzy of Snook, Reds, big Jacks and Spanish Mackerel.

Our first photo today features Andy Lineman of Sebastian. Andy landed this beautiful 31" slot Snook Tuesday morning using finger mullet. Andy also landed a 34" C/R Red that morning using shrimp. Nice catch Andy!

Photo two features Charles Friddle of Melbourne. Charles was using mullet to land this good sized Jack Tuesday morning. There was an early morning period of Jack after Jack coming over the rails. Way to go Charles.

Inlet regular Dana Verrier (L) of W. Melbourne landed the oversized Snook in our third photo Tuesday morning with Andy Sampson (R) of Melbourne on the net. They didn't even bother to measure it; Andy lowered it back into the water immediately via net. Nice handling gentlemen!

Photo four is of a huge Snook that was landed by an unidentified angler. The Snook was returned to the water immediately.

Our last photo today features an unidentified angler with an oversized Red that was released unharmed.

Send us your fishing updates and photos!

There are several things happening at the State Park. Beginning today, the Atlantic Surfing Federation Championships will be held on the north side through Sunday. Three hundred surfers from up and down the U.S. east coast will participate. Everyone from groms (little ones) to legends (older, wiser ones) will be surfing. Go check it out!

The Friends of the Sebastian Inlet State Park is presenting its "Night Sounds" series concerts on the south side of the Park at the Coconut Point Pavilions. On Saturday, October 10, 2015, the concert will showcase recording artist SIRSY. SIRSY is an Indi Pop Rock duo that the Boston Globe calls "Little Band, big sound". Their newest CD was produced by Grammy-winning producers Paul Kolderie and Sean Slade. Take chairs or a blanket and go enjoy some great music under the stars. The concert is free but Park entry fees apply

Andy Lineman of Sebastian iwth a 31" slot Snook.

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We have a little bit of wind at the inlet this morning, it's blowing out of the North-Northwest at 13 mph, gusting to 15 and there is a moderate chop around the jetties. The ICW has a light chop. We have a chance of showers today and NOAA has issued a small craft advisory through this afternoon.

Yesterday was a phenomenal day on the north jetty. Finger mullet were as thick as carpet around the north jetty in the morning hours. Predators were busting through the schools and they were walking on water trying to escape. The early morning was Jack city with some real big boys coming over the rails. An occasional wave would come crashing into the jetty spraying anglers with saltwater, adding to the overall Florida-fall feeling. Many big and a couple of enormous Reds came over the rails along with a few slot fish. More oversized Reds than slot were landed. Big Snook were very active but only a few were slot sized. Inlet regular "Mackerel Diane" Buyce of Melbourne spent the morning getting cutoff by Mackerel and only two came over the rails for other anglers. Around noon the Mackerel bite turned on and Diane lived up to her moniker by catching some real good sized fish, as did others. On the tide turn from outgoing to incoming, the schools of mullet disappeared for a short time but overall, fish were flying over the rails and it was a real exciting day!

Please do not leave fish lying on the decks; put them back into the water if you do not plan on keeping them, which includes bait fish. Review the information on the top right corner of this page if you are novice angler or new to the inlet. Know the rules, regulations, etiquette and proper handling of fish.

Our first photo today features Alek Turko of Indialantic. Alek fished the north jetty on Friday and reported plenty of Snook and he went home with a 31" keeper. The slot Reds weren't as thick but he landed a lower slot Red with a bucktail in the early morning and 34" C/R Red with mullet later in the afternoon. Photo one is of his 34" Red and photo two is of his 31" Snook. Sounds like a great day to us, nice going Alek!

Photo three features Rangelo Soriano of Miami. Rangelo made it back to the inlet over the weekend and reported mullet stacked up around the jetties. Reds were the most active species but Jacks, Bluefish and Mackerel were coming over the rails too. Snook were present and feeding but it was hard to get a hookup. Rangelo landed the 27" slot Red in the photo. Thanks Rangelo!

Photo four is of an unidentified inlet angler with a 26" slot Red he landed off the north jetty yesterday using mullet. The angler released the Red. Very nice!

Photo five is of the mullet that were in the water yesterday morning.

Send in your photos and updates!

Alek Turko of Indialantic with a 34" C/R Red.

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We have another beautiful fall morning at the inlet. Winds are blowing out of the Northwest at 5 mph, gusting to 7. There is a moderate chop around the jetties but the ICW is calmer. We have a slight chance of showers today and NOAA is calling for small craft to exercise caution for seas.

We received an update from Mike Ricciardi of Vero Beach who has been fishing the inlet as much as possible during the mullet run. Mike reported seeing a couple of Black Drum last week and we should start seeing them show up in good numbers soon. Mullet were everywhere and lots of oversized Reds came over the rails yesterday, Mike landed five that he released unharmed. The number of slot Reds have diminished but Diane Buyce of Melbourne and several others were lucky enough to land a keeper. Mike landed six or seven Jacks in the 10 - 12 lb. range. The Snook bite wasn't as strong as it has been a few oversized came over the rails and Tony Swiderski of Sebastian landed a slot fish. Thanks Mike!

Our first photo today features Logan Bentley of St. Cloud with a 40" C/R Red he landed and released off the south jetty using mullet. The photo is courtesy of Jim Szasz, also of St. Cloud who reported a lot of rough waves breaking over the jetty. Thanks Jim, great catch Logan!

Our second photo today features inlet regular Bill Hillman of Kissimmee. Bill landed the oversized Red on the outgoing tide Thursday morning around 6:45 a.m. Bill used mullet to land his big Redfish. Way to go Bill.

Ron Gerson of Melbourne got into that Sunday morning Mackerel bite and landed some real nice fish. Ron reported a real hot bite on live mullet. While we don't normally use photos that aren't taken on site, we're making an exception for these nice macks.

Andrew Doll is featured in our last photo with an uncommon jetty catch, a 27.5" juvenile Cobia. Cobia can be found from shallow inshore waters to ocean depths but they just aren't seen that often from the north jetty. Andrew released the Cobia after the photo. Way to go Andrew.

Send in your fishing reports and photos!

Logan Bentley of St. Cloud with a 40" C/R Red.

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What a gorgeous day at the Sebastian Inlet! We have a cool breeze blowing out of the West at 6 mph, gusting to 10 and there is a light chop on the water. NOAA is calling for small craft to exercise caution for seas. We have a slight chance of showers today.

Tommy Turowski at the Sebastian Inlet Bait and Tackle Shop reported a good bite over the weekend. Mullet are still schooling around the jetties, in the inlet and on the flats. Snook, Reds, Jacks and Blues are the prevalent catches. Yesterday for a short period of time, schools of Spanish Mackerel were zipping around the jetties. We have an abundance of Trout on the flats and Pompano are starting to show up as well.

Our first photo today features Gina Nichols of Palm Bay. Gina and her husband fish quite a bit but this was her first Redfish and biggest catch by far. She tossed out a small crab she got from the shore just to see what would bite! They used finger mullet for everything else and landed two Pompano in the slot and one keeper Red. Other shore based anglers were also landing Reds and Pompano. Fantastic catch Gina!

Our second photo today features Rashad Hickman of Palm Bay with a 28" C/R Redfish that was released unharmed right after the photo. Nice catch Rashad.

Photo three is of Terrance Hunter of Boynton Beach. Terrance landed this Redfish last weekend. Nice going Terrance.

Leore Genoune of Boynton Beach shows off an oversized Red he landed and released last weekend. Way to go Leore!

Eytan Genoune is featured in our last photo with one of the Reds he landed last weekend. Those kids had a couple of great days of fishing!

Send in your photos and fishing updates!

Gina Nichols of Palm Bay with a huge C/R Red.

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Hurricanes are unpredictable but it looks like we may dodge the bullet with Hurricane Joaquin that is now a category 4 storm. The majority of the spaghetti models show the hurricane moving northeast and staying offshore, we sure hope that pans out. We will still feel the effects if it stays offshore with high winds, rain and rough seas. Our boaters will have to stay at the dock for a few days until the seas calm down. With Joaquin over the Bahamas this morning, we are having a fairly calm morning at the inlet. Winds are blowing out of the Northwest at 6 mph, gusting to 11 and there is a moderate chop on the water. A few dark clouds are looming and we have a chance of showers throughout the day. NOAA is calling for small craft to exercise caution today due to large northeast swells. A small craft advisory is in effect from late tonight through Sunday evening.

The north jetty is crowded with anglers this morning. We are seeing many species of fish in large numbers at the inlet due the fall mullet run. Lots of Reds, oversized and many in the slot are giving anglers a workout. Oversized and slot Snook are hitting mullet and live shrimp. Big Jacks, Blues, Margate, Tarpon, Trout, Spanish Mackerel and even a few Flounder have been active at the inlet.

Last weekend was epic for Meir Genoune, his three children and their friend Terrance Hunter all of Boynton Beach. Meir drove the kids up early Saturday morning to fish the inlet for the weekend. Meir and his kids like to come to the inlet when the fishing gets good but this was Terrance's first trip. Meir reported finger mullet everywhere and the fishing was great all day on Saturday. They landed many Reds, slot and oversized using finger mullet they netted at the inlet and crabs they brought with them. Terrance is an experienced angler but had never landed a Redfish prior to the trip. He ended up landing five Reds and can't wait to get back. In addition, they landed multiple Snook, under and over the slot and saw Blues, Pompano, Margate and Ladyfish come over the rails. The pace slowed down some on Sunday but they managed a few more slot Reds. Wow, what a weekend!

Our first photo features (L-R) Terrance Hunter, Eytan Genoune, Sheer Genoune and Leore Genoune, all with slot Reds. Great job!

Photo two features Terrance Hunter with one of the nice Reds he landed. Sweet catch Terrance!

Photo three features Eytan Genoune with a nice Red. Way to go Eytan!

Our fourth photo features Leore Genoune with a monster C/R Snook. Great catch Leore!

Our last photo features the man who made all those memories happen for the kids, Meir Genoune with a slot Red of his own. Great times Meir!

Have a great weekend, tight lines!

Terrance Hunter, Eytan, Sheer and Leore Genoune with slot Reds.

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Hurricane Joaquin has grown into a Category 3 hurricane but models predict it to stay off the east coast of Florida, for now. Yesterday we got some real nice surf out of it, but as it draws near conditions could get sloppy. More than likely, boating will be out of the picture for the weekend. We just have to keep watching to see what lies in store for us.

Changes in weather patterns can really charge up the bite, and it's already on fire! Mullet are thick around the jetties and on the flats; hopefully they will hang around during our weather event. Reds, Snook, big Jacks, Blues, Trout, Tarpon, Margate, Spanish Mackerel and Ladyfish have all been active at the inlet.

Our first photo today features Denise Braaten of Debary. Denise was fishing the north jetty's incoming tide with her boyfriend and 16 year old son. Using mullet, she hooked up with this monster 35" C/R Red that she released unharmed after the photo. Snook, Blues and Jacks were also coming over the rails. Denise said her daddy taught her to fish, fantastic catch!

Photo two is of Brie H. from New York. Brie was fishing the north jetty with her friend Mike. A lot of Jacks were coming over the rails with an occasional Bluefish thrown in. The Snook were jumping like crazy but were being very picky and they couldn't get them to bite. This sweet Red was a 26" slot fish. Very nice Brie!

George Olmo of Orlando sent in our third photo. George was fishing the south jetty Saturday night under that big moon and reported they landed tons of Reds and the Snook were going bananas! The photo features his friend Dre with a big C/R Red. Nice going gentlemen!

Arden Romanillos of Oviedo made the drive over with a couple of friends to fish the inlet last Friday and Sunday. They had a great time catching fish and photo four is of a 36" C/R Snook Arden landed on Friday. On Sunday, the early morning Redfish bite presented this perfect 27" keeper. Way to go Arden!

Send in your photos and fishing updates!

Denise Braaten of Debary with a 35" C/R Red.

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We have a decent little swell at first peak this morning and there are a few surfers in the water catching waves. Thanks Joaquin, we needed the surf! This morning winds are blowing out of the West-Northwest at 7 mph, gusting to 11 and there is a moderate chop on the ICW. NOAA is calling for small craft to exercise caution for seas. We have a slight chance of showers and thunderstorms today.

Fishing has been excellent at the inlet. The fall mullet run in full swing and it just doesn't get much better! We're seeing lots of fish going in and out of the inlet on both tides, on the flats and off the beach. Oversized and many, many slot Reds are giving our inlet anglers plenty of exercise; pulling in one of those big fighters can expend a lot of energy! Big Jacks are active and you know how they love to pull, they are so much fun to catch. Snook of all sizes, plenty of them in the slot are coming over the rails as well. Blues, Spanish Mackerel, Tarpon, Trout a few Permit and Flounder are in play. Get yourself to the inlet and wet a line!

Our first two photos today are courtesy of inlet regular Mike Ricciardi of Vero Beach. Mike rarely braves the weekend crowds on the north jetty, but he just couldn't resist the great bite. Saturday it was mullet mania with lots of Snook, Reds and Jacks being landed. Mike said the mullet were literally boiling around the inlet. Mike took the first photo of inlet regular Chuck Fischer of Satellite Beach. Chuck had a perfect day with a slot Snook and a slot Red, that's sweet! Photo one features Chuck with his catches and a rare smile, no wonder! What a day!

Photo two features inlet regular Chris Robinson of West Melbourne. Chris landed his slot Snook Saturday morning as well. Nice catch Chris!

Devin DeCoursey was fishing near the south jetty Saturday night on the slack tide when he hooked up with this oversized Red. Devin was free lining finger mullet around 11:00 p.m. The Red was released unharmed to fight another day. Very nice Devin.

Thomas Nguyen of Orlando fished the north jetty on Sunday and had a great day, too. Photo four shows Thomas with a 29" slot Snook he landed using live shrimp. Thomas landed 3 oversized Reds that day using mullet and our last photo is of a 29" he released unharmed after the photo. Way to go Thomas!

Send in your fishing photos and updates!

Chuck Fischer of Satellite Beach with a slot Red and a slot Snook.

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