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Daily Fishing Report
Log on for the latest fishing report. The fishing report is updated Monday through Friday.

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It has been a beautiful day at the inlet with plenty of fish biting. It is breezy and a little choppy and is predicted to pick up even more tonight. Friday may be rough but the fish should continue feeding. Many Jacks have been hooked on shrimp and are providing much action. Small Snook (12 to 14 inches) are being landed and released. The Snook are being caught by the Snapper fishermen who are also landing a fair amount of Mangrove Snapper. There are also a few Black Drum starting to show. Missing from the line-up are the feisty Spanish Mackerel and Bluefish. They have been spotted around Fort Pierce Inlet and to the north of Cape Canaveral. Rumor has it that the Blues and Mackerel will start to show following the north winds on Friday and Saturday.
Why go to the Keys or Bahamas in search of Bonefish, Pompano and Permit when you can fish the flats around Sebastian Inlet? Late yesterday evening, Lindsay Rowland was testing her newly outfitted skiff on the backside of the inlet when she landed several Bonefish and two Pompano. Lindsay's friend, Steve Stewart also landed and released three beautiful juvenile Mutton Snapper on fly. See photos. The Sebastian Inlet may now be referred to as an exotic fishing destination!

Lindsay Rowland with Bonefish

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Fog and smooth water this morning. Fishing bite could turn on with mild front moving through. Same players as yesterday with the addition of a couple of Permit being caught. Could be worth the effort today!


It's a beautiful fall morning at the inlet. Winds are blowing out of the North at 4 mph, gusting to 6 and the water is calm. We had a gorgeous weekend and everybody is getting into the fall fishing mode. We received several updates and photos from folks who landed big Reds. Low light periods or nights have been best for Snook.

Tommy Turowski at the Sebastian Inlet Bait and Tackle Shop reported that this morning a couple of slot Reds came over the rails and that the weekend brought in some large Jacks, big Reds and a few Spanish Mackerel. Thanks Tommy!

Sebastian resident Justin Thompson sent in our first photo today. Justin was drifting the inlet last Thursday night using live mullet when he landed this oversized 32" Red. It was released unharmed right after the photo. Nice catch Justin!

Our second photo features Josh Morrill with a slot Snook he landed last Thursday night. Josh's buddy Kurush Akbari was supposed to go with him, but wasn't feeling that well, so he decided to skip it. After Josh sent this photo to Kurush, he really felt sick! Sweet catch Josh!

I will be out of the office for the next two weeks. The fishing reports will be brief and probably sporadic in my absence. Thank you for your patience. Tight lines, Nedra

The State Park has a lot of activities that are ongoing or will be coming up; check their web site for more information. www.floridastateparks.org/sebastianinlet.

Justin Thompson of Sebastian with a 32" C/R Red.

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We have a beautiful fall morning at the inlet, we have a cool breeze blowing out of the Northwest at 7 mph, gusting to 12 and the water is calm. We love days like today, blue skies and white fluffy clouds and good fishing conditions. Get out and do some fishing this weekend, we are supposed to have nice weather with very little chance of rain. Be sure to take insect repellent with you, the no see 'ums are out and biting.

Tommy Turowski of the Sebastian Inlet Bait and Tackle Shop said this morning Jacks, a few Reds and Spanish Mackerel were landed. Thanks Tommy!

Our first photo is courtesy or Kurush Akbari of Palm Bay. Kurush is mate on Surfrider Fishing Charters who sent in the photo of a beautiful Sailfish that was landed by Tom (left), one of their clients. He was using a skirted bullet speed lure with 20 lb. test on a spinning rod. It took about twenty minutes to land and it almost spooled the reel, they had to chase it a couple of times! The fish jumped once and allowed them to reel it in. The fish is being held by Capt. Rick Marchetti. They revived the Sailfish boat side and it swam away healthy. This was the last catch of the day, what a great way to end a day offshore!

Photo two features Kurush and Jason with a colorful Dolphin that was landed that day as well. Kurush reported and awesome day, some of the Dolphin were launching ten feet out of the water! Nice!

Photo three is courtesy of Bobby Brown who sent in the photo of his friend Steve Kelly how was visiting from Maryland. The men were fishing the north jetty last Sunday morning when Steve hooked up with this monster Red using light tackle! This bull Red was released unharmed and swam away to fight another day. Fantastic catch Steve!

Tom Castaldi sent in an update on yesterday's fishing activities from the north jetty. Tom said the morning was beautiful and lots of Jacks, Ladyfish and finger mullet were everywhere. Tom didn't have any luck, but he did "catch" a nice sunrise, see photo four. Thanks Tom!

Have a wonderful weekend! Be sure to send in your photos and fishing updates!

The Sebastian Inlet Grill and Gift Shop will host its first Halloween Festival on the north side of the State Park on October 25th from 12:00 - 6:00 p.m. Lots of fun activities, a costume contest with prizes and food and beer specials. Buy a wrist band for $10 for all activities other than food. See the Sebastian Inlet Grill and Gift Shop's Facebook page for more information. It sounds like a great way to spend a fall afternoon!

Tom and Capt. Rick Marchetti with a beautiful Sailfish.

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A touch of fall is in that air and it is a gorgeous morning at the inlet. Winds are blowing out of the Northwest at 6 mph, gusting to 10 and there is a light to moderate chop on the water. What a beautiful day to get out and wet a line!

We spoke with Tommy Turowski at the Sebastian Inlet Bait and Tackle Shop who reported that even with the cooler air temperature the no see 'ums are still out, but not as bad as yesterday. The finger mullet aren't as thick, there are a few stragglers here and there, along with some bigger mullet. There are greenies and mojarra in the water and there are some catches coming over the rails. Tommy said that yesterday Jacks, Ladyfish, a few Spanish Mackerel and Reds were landed. Snook are out there too, but they are being finicky. Thanks Tommy!

Our first photo today features Eddie, who lives in the area. An old friend, Larry Farr was visiting from Miami and the men fished the inlet Saturday afternoon and evening. They hooked up with a couple of oversized Reds using finger mullet they netted.

Our first photo features Eddie with a real nice C/R Red he landed Saturday night. Nice catch Eddie!

Photo two is of an oversized Red Larry landed and released late Saturday afternoon. The Red was revived boat side and swam away healthy.

Send in your fishing photos and updates!

The Friends of the Sebastian Inlet State Park has resumed its "Night Sounds" series concerts on the south side of the Park at the Coconut Point Pavilions. The concerts coincide with the nearest full moon. On Friday November 7th from 7:00 - 9:00 p.m. the band Plan B will perform. Plan B is four guys with a love of music and a desire to reach everyone in the audience. Inspired drumming, powerful vocals and strong guitar chords venture into some rarely covered classics. Bring chairs and kick back under a nearly full moon! The concert is free but Park entry fees apply.

Eddie with a C/R Red.

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We have a mix of sun and clouds over the inlet this morning. Winds are blowing out of the Southwest at 8 mph, gusting to 12 and there is a light chop on the water. The NOAA forecast is calling for scattered showers and thunderstorms today. The rain they called for yesterday didn't arrive until the evening hours and we don't have much of a cool down, but the humidity is lower and the temperature is predicted to drop a little more tonight. Always check the NOAA forecast prior to going offshore.

We received an update from Kurush Akbari of Palm Bay who fished the north jetty late yesterday afternoon. Kurush reported lots of Ladyfish and Jacks. A few slot Reds were landed by anglers using live shrimp, but he didn't have any luck, he thinks because he was using mojarra. Next time Kurush, thanks for the update!

Our first photo today is courtesy of Craig Verbosky. Craig sent in the photo of his dad, Larry was visiting from Morgantown, WV. Larry landed this beautiful C/R Redfish on Sunday using cut bait. Beautiful catch Larry!

Our second photo was sent in by Ron Alford of Melbourne. Ron "landed" this Nine-armed Starfish while fishing the shoreline at the inlet. Ron reported that there were lots of starfish in the water when he was fishing using a pompano rig and this one decided that a piece of chunked mullet looked like a nice dinner. Thanks Ron!

Send us your fishing updates and photos!

The Sebastian Inlet Grill and Gift Shop will host its first Halloween Festival on the north side of the State Park on October 25th from 12:00 - 6:00 p.m. Lots of fun activities, a costume contest with prizes and food and beer specials. Buy a wrist band for $10 for all activities other than food. See the Sebastian Inlet Grill and Gift Shop Facebook page for more information. It sounds like a great way to spend a fall afternoon! See photo three.

Larry Verbosky of Morgantown, WV with a nice C/R Redfish.

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We have clouds over the inlet today and we can expect some rain. The forecast is calling for rain then a cool front to move in. Winds are blowing out of the Southeast at 15 mph, gusting to 20 and there is a moderate chop on the water.

We received an update from inlet regular Mike Ricciardi who arrived at 6:00 a.m. to fish the north jetty yesterday. Mike reported the bite slowed quite a bit, there were no big schools of finger mullet, just a few here and there, but there were a lot of mojarra in the dark water. The prevalent catches were Jacks, Ladyfish and Blues, so not much in the way of table fare. "Granny" landed one oversized Snook that was released. Mike landed two Mangrove Snapper, then when the tide switched to outgoing, he landed three more, so he had a pretty good morning overall. A few anglers fishing with small, white jigs were landing Lookdowns and Blue Runners were active. Thanks for the update Mike!

We also received an update from Shaun Vasey who fished the beach early Saturday morning and reported lots of Jacks and Ladyfish. Sharks were jumping in the surf so he decided to try his luck. Shaun hooked up with one around 7:30 and it almost spooled his reel before it broke off. It was a beautiful morning and Shaun sent in a photo of the sunrise, thanks Shaun!

Our first three photos today are courtesy of John Maldonado of Kissimmee. John fished the north jetty Friday night with friends and family from 10:00 p.m. until 3:00 a.m. John reported lots of Bluefish coming over the rails. They were using finger mullet for bait and John landed and released the 27.5" C/R Redfish in our first photo today. Nice catch John!

Nancy Maldonado is featured in our second photo with a good sized Bluefish.

Photo three is of Gabriel Soto with a large Jack.

Photo four is of the sunrise Saturday morning, taken by Shaun Vasey.

Send in your photos and updates!

The Sebastian Inlet State Park will be hosting several workshops on "How to Surf Fish". The workshops will be from 1:00 - 3:00 p.m., meet at the Fishing Museum on the south side of the State Park. Take a pen and notepad for taking notes. Info on rod and reel selection, rigging, baits and more! The dates are all on Saturday, November 15th, December 6th, January 17th, February 14th (take your sweetheart), March 14th and April 11th. See photo five.

John Maldonado with a 27.5" C/R Red.

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We have a breezy morning at the inlet. Winds are blowing out of the East-Southeast at 16 mph, gusting to 22 and there is a moderate chop on the water. Small craft should exercise caution.

Tommy Turowski of the Sebastian Inlet Bait and Tackle Shop reported the bite slowed down over the weekend and schools of finger mullet and greenies were coming and going. There were still some catches of Mangrove Snapper, Jacks, Redfish and Snook.

Our photo today is courtesy of Kurush Akabari with Surfrider Fishing Charters and is of Jason with a Red Hind Grouper he landed in 90' of water. Nice catch Jason!

Send in your photos and updates!

On Wednesdays you can join knowledgeable Rangers for a guided kayak tour at 1:00 from Campbell's Cove near the Sebastian Inlet. Learn about the Indian River Lagoon and the plants and animals that call it home. Participants can bring their own kayak or reserve one from the Inlet Marina for a rental fee of $20/2 hours, for a single or double watercraft, life jackets and paddles included. Personal watercrafts pay a launch fee of $3.00. Meet 1 mile north of Sebastian Inlet, turn west at the large brown State Park sign and follow the dirt road to the Inlet Marina. Program status is dependent on weather conditions, please call ahead of time the verify status. For more information on Park activities, visit their web site at www.floridastateparks.org/sebastianinlet.

Jason with a Red Hind Grouper.


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